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Hero Cleaners are the company that you can always rely on , especially if you need Office cleaning services in London, South East England and many more larger cities throughout the country. Check the list of areas that we cover.

With Hero Cleaners you are always getting the best price and you can see that by checking out our prices. We are proud to be able to offer such tremendous quality at such affordable rates, but note that in some instances, there could be some additional fees, that aren't included in our basic prices. Congestion charges and parking fees might be applicable if you live in larger cities.

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Commercial cleaning

"The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office." Robert Frost

Diligently maintaining of a perfect hygiene in your office has positive connotations to any visitor, employee or a client. Cleanliness is a state of the inhabited surroundings, which penetrates the psyche, forming attitudes, creates positive emotions, changes decisions, defines the relationship and make states for the company to attain efficiency and maximum productivity. You have a need for a professional cleaning company to clean your office to try it.

The subscription to office cleaning services, ensures the premises of your business possess a high level of hygiene. Your guests, customers and the workers will abide in a safe and clean working environment. Our workers are highly trained in all facets of safety, personal hygiene, health and work. With a dedication to cleaning offices, we traditionally reckoned to individual particular requirements of each customer.

Our priorities are corporate security and control of quality of service at every point of the cleaning process.

Office cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning in your non-working hours;
  • Supervised cleaning process;
  • Only eco-friendly cleaning products;

Cleaning procedure happens in your non-working hours, with having in mind all standards and your individual demands. The cleaning procedure is supervised by supervisors who have at least 3 years experience in a managerial position in our company. We using just a professional cleaning products, equipment and machinery, environmental friendly and certified for safety.

For cleaning procedures we will perform a preliminary survey, conduct hygiene audits, produce personal hygiene and health plan performance of services tailored to the characteristics of the site, type of company, number of employees, size and number of rooms, the amount of soiling, type, amount and composition of the necessary and permissible cleaning agents. Based on hygienic toilet facility plan that is specialized, we will prepare individual plans for each worker.

Office cleaning services price list

This are the basic prices for our cleaning services. If you like to see the price that are valid for your location, please find you county and browse to your area location.

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£ 0 prices are negotiable More than 20 hours per week
£ 10 Per hour Once a week, 3-5 hours
£ 9.5 Per hour More than 5 hours per visit
£ 11 Per hour Once a week, 2 hours

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The amount calculated for your quote will be consistent with the minimum call out charge for each branch of the relevant area. Your overall price may change once you reach this minimum call out charge.

NOTE: For additional information see our full prise list or get a Free quote.


I needed a serious cleaning for the 2 bedroom apartment I was renting for the last 2 years. There was a demand for a specific treatment of the carpeting as I have a dog and you did this without a problem for me. They gave me a reduction as I reserved two services and the price was really astonishingly good.

- Hannah Warner / Oxford / Oxfordshire | 10-09-2014

Hi, I love to see Hero Cleaners doing their Office cleaning job eagerly. I haven't used professional cleaning services before, but this one is awesome. If I need a Commercial cleaning, no doubt, I'll call you again. Thank you,

- Vanessa Grant / Fareham

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