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Upholstery cleaning

Hero Cleaners are the company that you can always rely on , especially if you need Upholstery cleaning services in London, South East England and many more larger cities throughout the country. Check the list of areas that we cover.

With Hero Cleaners you are always getting the best price and you can see that by checking out our prices. We are proud to be able to offer such tremendous quality at such affordable rates, but note that in some instances, there could be some additional fees, that aren't included in our basic prices. Congestion charges and parking fees might be applicable if you live in larger cities.

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Sofa and armchair cleaning

On a sofa upholstered in panther skin Mona did researches in original sin. William Plomer

Professional upholstery cleaning

In the average house, there's much cleaning and tidying up to do. Other, less attended to sort of things are curtains, carpeting and blinds , washing machine and upholstery. The latter gets largely dismissed as still another piece of furniture set handily to supply its loyal service. Couches, sofas and armchairs do get filthy as well, although it is extremely difficult to notice thus. And we end up lying down on all the collected dirt and sitting. We have helped many people relieve their furniture from all the accumulated dirt since we began our operations in.

We are pleased to offer you the following:

  • Customer service. All our clients are being treated with dignity and respect that they rightfully deserve.
  • Exceptional upholstery cleaning. The quality of our upholstery cleaning is very dear to us and we make every effort to keep our standards well above the average, at the very top of the cleaning industry.
  • Additional services. In addition to the standard upholstery cleaning service, we are also happy to offer stain protection solutions as well as deodorizing service which can be of great use in case you have pets and small children fond of playing all sorts of games around the house.
  • Skilled staff. This company would not hold the place it does if it was not for the exceptional personnel we managed to hire and keep over the years. Needless to say, we are very thankful to them.
  • Comprehensive  coverage. Since we started our business here, we made sure this particular area is covered and serviced in full.

Why ordering upholstery cleaning?

  We have encountered several different scenarios why people order professional upholstery cleaning. Others possess their own upholstery pieces but have had an episode demanding cleaning to sort it out. Because their pets have been naughty previously also preventive activities are taken by third party. One way or another, it's clear that the average person wouldn't have the means do appropriate upholstery cleaning without the help of skilled professionals and their high-end equipment. Being in for so long, we've seen pretty much all potential scenarios occur.

Upholstery cleaning process

  There are a couple of important milestones to be reached before clapping our hands cheering the recently freshly cleaned upholstery. Inspecting the type of upholstery is the very significant and first measure. Often end up damaging their customer’s belongings and inexperienced technicians omit to do so. Last but not least, the machine is implemented extracts it back almost at the exact same time and that injects hot water under high pressure. That ensures the upholstery itself will not take too long before its fully dry and useable again. FREE ESTIMATES are accessible via e-mail or over the telephone. Be sure to grab yours today.

Upholstery cleaning services price list

This are the basic prices for our cleaning services. If you like to see the price that are valid for your location, please find you county and browse to your area location.

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£ 20 Steam cleaning Armchair
£ 40 Steam cleaning 3 seat sofa
£ 33 Steam cleaning 2 seat sofa
£ 83 Dry cleaning 2 seat sofa
£ 99 Dry cleaning 3 seat sofa
£ 61 Dry cleaning Armchair
£ 48 Minimum charge Please note: There is a requirement of minimum charge (£48) per cleaning visit.

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The amount calculated for your quote will be consistent with the minimum call out charge for each branch of the relevant area. Your overall price may change once you reach this minimum call out charge.

NOTE: For additional information see our full prise list or get a Free quote.


I needed a serious cleaning for the 2 bedroom apartment I was renting for the last 2 years. There was a demand for a specific treatment of the carpeting as I have a dog and you did this without a problem for me. They gave me a reduction as I reserved two services and the price was really astonishingly good.

- Hannah Warner / Oxford / Oxfordshire | 10-09-2014

Hi, I love to see Hero Cleaners doing their Upholstery cleaning job eagerly. I haven't used professional cleaning services before, but this one is awesome. If I need a Sofa and armchair cleaning, no doubt, I'll call you again. Thank you,

- Vanessa Grant / Fareham

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